Hi, I am Christian...

I love what i do... at least now... it has been a long way...

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When people ask me, why are you doing what you are doing now?

Christian Reiger

Why have you changed your life so much?


My answers are always: longing and suffering.


I was very unhappy with my old life.


It no longer fitted with who I was, with what my soul wanted for me.


So i left everthing.


And the second important ingredient was longing.


This deep inner knowing that we are so much more, that life is so much more.


It was not an easy time and it took me some years.


But step by step and over time I got my answers and things started to change.


I started to get more and more sensitive to energies, my perception changed, a complety new world

opened up for me, the world of energy, the world of vibration.


My body started to work and move every night by itself. 


It was crazy. It was scary. It was beautiful.


The beautiful thing was that for the first time i was sure, there is something more. 


And it is not only for some special people, it can happen to everybody...


We are all guided. We are so much more than what we think we are.


I love to give breathwork sessions but it is not about the breath.


It is about the world we can enter.


A world that is always there.


Heal. Release. Connect.

Christian Reiger 

Come home.