Divine Timing
09. Februar 2024
Do you sometimes wish you had progressed faster in life?
20. Januar 2024
Empowerment means forgetting our own limitations... Empowerment means owning what is ours...

Stop being a spiritual ape
22. Mai 2023
What is your own intuition saying?
Dating your shadow
21. Mai 2023
I know, it sounds like a really bad tinder match. Dating those parts of you, you would like to kick off this planet, doesn't sound fun...

Heal your throat chakra
08. Mai 2023
Heal your throat chakra...
Anna-Mariias Breathwork Experience
16. März 2023
During the last year, I’ve experienced a lot. Some things were caused by war, some were just life events we all are facing

Mag. Dr. Susanne Altmann stellt mir Fragen...
15. März 2023
Ich war so viele Jahre auf der Suche nach dem Gefühl wie sich "arbeiten" anfühlen kann, wie sich "arbeiten" für mich anfühlen soll, was meine Berufung ist, was ich der Welt zu geben habe...
Tito´s Breathwork Experience
14. März 2023
"... what happened in this crazy experiment was that I found the source of my joy, of my life joy, deep inside of me..."

When consciousness travels...
17. Februar 2023
When consciousness travels, you can become everything, you are everything:
Es war ein großartiges Jahr
19. Dezember 2022
Es war ein großartiges Jahr. All das, was ich jahrelang nicht erklären konnte, bekommt langsam einen Boden...

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