Dating your shadow

I know, it sounds like a really bad tinder match.

Dating those parts of you, you would like to kick off this planet, doesn't sound fun.

Parts where you wish they didn't even exist. 

Insecurities, shame, rage, sadness, loneliness...

Following you wherever you go, every step you take. 

Always there for you, your shadow.

That must be true love.

So maybe you should give it a chance.

No, it's not love at first sight. 

But pushing away never works.

You can start slow. 

You don't have to quit your apartment and move together.

Start by simply observe it. Give it your full attention.

Don't try to change it, nobody likes to be changed.

Just observe your behavior when you lose yourself, your feelings when you are triggered.

Without judgement. Feel them. Give it space.

Over time, it can transform because you created the space for it.

We can integrate what we denied or rejected about ourselves before. 

Piece by piece, we learn to embrace our shadow.

And step by step, we free ourselves.

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